30% of Israelis believe Israel’s future is in danger – Middle East Monitor

A new poll revealed that 30 per cent of Israelis believe the future of their country is in danger, amidst the divisions ravaging across society as a result of the planned judicial overhaul led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The poll conducted by the Hebrew Maariv newspaper in cooperation with a research institute revealed that the remaining respondents were divided between 57 per cent who believe that Israel is an existing and stable reality and 13 per cent who were neutral.

The poll was conducted on the Occasion of Israel’s 75th Independence Day.

The poll also revealed a decline in the percentage of those who consider themselves proud to be Israelis, with 49 per cent of respondents expressing this position, down seven per cent from last year.

Some 22 per cent of respondents believe the most dangerous threat facing Israel is the judicial reform crisis, followed by 19 per cent who believe it is the cost of living, 16 per cent who think it’s “Palestinian terrorism”, while 13 per cent who believe it’s the Iranian nuclear programme. Others said relations between right and left, rampant crime, house prices, social disparities and relations between secular and religious groups were the main issues of concern.

Israel has been experiencing great political tension and almost daily demonstrations against the Netanyahu government’s planned judicial reforms which have been described as a “coup”.

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