Arab body announces $15m in aid projects in Jerusalem, Gaza – Middle East Monitor

The Arab International Organisation for Reconstruction in Palestine (Palimar) announced yesterday that it plans to carry out projects in Jerusalem and the besieged Gaza Strip, Quds Press reported.

In a statement issued following a trustee meeting in Istanbul, Palimar said: “The participants agreed to fund several projects serving the Palestinian society in Jerusalem and Gaza.”

The projects, the statement said, included the construction of the Safe House for Caring and Sheltering Children, the construction of an internal medicine clinic at Nasser Medical Centre, digging water wells and installing desalination plants in Gaza.

According to the statement, 300 guests from 30 countries around the world attended the meeting. They included businessmen, syndicate leaders, activists and social society leaders. One of the prominent participants, the statement said, was Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine.

Head of the Board of Trustees Zuhair Al-Omari said: “There is cooperation among donors and other prominent figures from different countries who agreed to carry out projects in Jerusalem and Gaza worth $15 million.”

Palimar is an international NGO founded in 2008 and based in Istanbul. It has carried out projects in occupied Palestine worth $55 million.

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