Arab League condemns ‘aggressive, barbaric’ Israeli bombing of Gaza – Middle East Monitor

The Arab League yesterday condemned Israel’s “aggressive and barbaric” bombing of the besieged Gaza Strip “which targeted civilians, children and women in residential neighbourhoods.” The umbrella organisation’s statement was issued following an emergency session on the situation in Gaza, which has been under indiscriminate Israeli bombing for three days.

The league expressed its solidarity with the Palestinian people and highlighted its support for their right to self-defence.

Moreover, it called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to accelerate its investigation into “Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity committed and continuing to be committed against the unarmed Palestinian people.”

It also called for the ICC to investigate the “crimes of Israeli settlements, annexation, aggression against Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, as well as the killing of civilians, journalists and paramedics.”

The death toll of the latest and ongoing Israeli military offensive against the Palestinians in Gaza stands at 25, with 76 people wounded.

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