Egypt resents Israel following its raids on Gaza – Middle East Monitor

Egypt is concerned about Israel’s latest raids on the besieged Gaza Strip, which have so far killed 15 people, including four women and four children, according to a news report published by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed.

Cairo is currently focusing its efforts on exploring Palestinian Resistance factions’ stances, without interfering, so as to avoid any escalation, the news website added.

Al-Araby Al-Jadeed quoted an unnamed Egyptian source as saying that the Israeli side conducted a “series of contacts” with officials in the Egyptian General Intelligence Service, which is in charge of mediating between Palestinian factions in Gaza and Israel, adding that the latter called on Cairo to intervene quickly and persuade the Resistance factions not to escalate the situation.

The source revealed a “state of anger” prevailing among decision-making circles in Cairo as a result of the Israeli air strikes on the Strip, which the Egyptian side read as “deliberate sabotage” of Cairo’s role.

The source stated that Egyptian officials “are having difficulty convincing the Palestinian Resistance factions not to escalate in light of the casualties that have resulted from the Israeli attacks.

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The source stressed that Cairo called on Tel Aviv to confirm that the contacts that took place over the past week were taking place in the context of finding an extended mechanism to ensure calm in Gaza, especially since the aggression comes in conjunction with Israel’s calls for holding a Negev Forum that includes Cairo, Morocco, UAE, Bahrain, along with the US.

On the other hand, Israeli reports indicated that several parties that are spearheaded by Egypt, Qatar, the US and the United Nations will intensify their efforts to reach a cease fire and prevent escalation between Israel and the Resistance factions in Gaza, amid expectations of a confrontation that may last for several days following the Israeli raids that resulted in the death of 15 Palestinians, including three Islamic Jihad leaders.

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