explosions rock Damascus during Israeli air raid – Middle East Monitor

Damascus was rocked by explosions last night during another Israeli air raid just a week after Israel targeted Aleppo and Nayrab airports, the Syrian News Agency SANA has reported. Syrian air defence systems responded to the latest “Israeli aggression”.

According to a military source, the attack happened at 01:20 local time and came from the direction of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. “Several positions in the vicinity of Damascus were targeted. Two soldiers were wounded and material losses were sustained.”

SANA said that some “residential neighbourhoods” were hit. At least “five people” were killed and others were wounded, “some of them critically”.

Last week’s air strikes against the international airports of Aleppo and Nayrab was the third such Israeli attack within six months. German media said that five Israeli missiles targeted the airports.

Israel has launched hundreds of raids since 2011 on what it describes as Iran-linked targets in Syria, where Tehran’s influence has grown since it began supporting Syrian regime President Bashar Al-Assad in the war against opposition groups in the country. The occupation state wants to stop Iranian weapons being shipped into Syria for militias loyal to Tehran, as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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