Germany accuses Syrian regime of impeding political process  – Middle East Monitor

The German government alleged on Monday that the regime of President Bashar Al-Assad continues to impede the political process in Syria, Anadolu has reported. German Foreign Ministry spokesman Christofer Burger told a regular press conference on Monday that, moreover, “The Syrian regime… commits the most serious human rights violations against its own people on a daily basis.”

Burger added that it is important for Germany and its close partners for the Arab countries to make efforts to return Syria to the Arab League. “However, it is important that they base normalisation efforts on the condition that the Syrian regime makes major concessions in order to find a sustainable solution to the conflict and improve the living conditions of the Syrians.”

The official pointed out that Berlin has no intention of restoring relations with the Syrian regime, however, which continues to obstruct the political process based on UN Security Council Resolution 2255. “In this respect, unfortunately, nothing has changed in the reality on the ground, which would allow us to provide support, for example for reconstruction, to lift sanctions and, from our point of view, there are currently no prerequisites for a dignified return of refugees.”

The Arab League restored Syria’s membership of the bloc and all its affiliated organisations and agencies on Sunday. Its membership was suspended on 16 November 2011, due to the Syrian regime’s violent suppression of popular protests calling for political change.

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