Israel illegal settler violence erasing entire Palestinian communities, says NGO – Middle East Monitor

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) published a report yesterday expressing deep concern about the Israeli illegal settlers’ forceful seizure of Palestinian Territories, which has resulted in the displacement of 500 Palestinians from seven different communities.

“There are entire Palestinian communities being wiped off the map, a shameful legacy of unrelenting violence, intimidation and harassment perpetuated by Israeli settlers and, in some cases, encouraged by Israeli authorities,” said Ana Povrzenic, NRC’s Country Director for Palestine.

She added, “The rapid establishment of settlement outposts and takeover of Palestinian land is choking Palestinian communities, destroying their livelihoods and putting Palestinian lives at risk. Palestinians have no choice but to flee, leaving behind their homes, schools and jobs.”

The NRC report highlighted the forcible displacement of a dozen Palestinian families, totalling 89 Palestinians, including 39 children, from Ras At-Tin village, based east of Ramallah.

The community’s grazing pastures were seized by Israeli settlers, who also built a vineyard on the stolen land near an Israeli military base.

Since the beginning of this year, the Occupied West Bank has been witnessing frequent raids and attacks by illegal Jewish settlers under the protection of Israeli forces.

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At least 208 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire this year, including 36 children – a rate of nearly one fatality per day, reported the Middle East Eye.

Moreover, around 60 Palestinian communities in the Occupied West Bank face an increased threat of being forcibly displaced due to escalating violence by Israeli settlers and soldiers, the expansion of settlements and Israel’s racist policies and actions, including its unlawful planning and zoning regime, the NGO warned.

“Without holding Israel accountable, more and more Palestinian communities will be forcibly transferred,” warned Povrzenic. “How many more Ras At-Tins must there be before the international community acts?”

All of Israel’s settlements, including so-called settlement “outposts”, as well as the exclusively Jewish settlers who live in them, are illegal under international law.

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