Israel MK stages fake attack on government policy during live interview – Middle East Monitor

Far-right Israeli lawmaker, Almog Cohen, was caught on camera yesterday instructing his assistant to arrange a settler of Sderot to interrupt his live interview with Channel 13 by calling out the Israeli government.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Cohen, a Knesset member belonging to the Jewish Power party, was in the illegal settlement of Sderot to protest the Israeli government for its “weak” response to Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza in retaliation to the death of Palestinian hunger striker, Khader Adnan, inside Israeli jails on Tuesday.

Cohen was heard informing his assistant to bring a local settler and “Tell him to say something that can bolster me but make sure it comes out against the government.”

The Israeli settler who was brought to stage the protest said, “Residents of Sderot will not be slaughtered in the State of Israel. We are not sitting ducks to be massacred.” This scripted exchange was caught on camera by Channel 13 and mocked online as it was shared widely on Twitter.

Cohen addressed the issue today in an interview with 103FM radio, claiming: “I sent my aide to tell him to interrupt the broadcast so that the cry of Sderot residents could be heard. I’m proud of it, I am not ashamed. The one who should be ashamed is Channel 13.”

Sderot is built on the ruins of the Palestinian village of Najd. The Palestinian residents were ethnically cleansed by Zionist-Jewish terrorists almost exactly 75 years ago, and their village was destroyed.

Resistance groups in Gaza continued firing rockets into illegal Israeli settlements on Tuesday, and Israeli jets and artillery continued bombing Gaza until the early hours of Wednesday morning, when international mediators succeeded in brokering a ceasefire.

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