Israel occupation understands only language of force, resistance – dissolved Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood – Middle East Monitor

Jordan’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group expressed its condolences for the victims who were killed in Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, describing the Israeli attacks as “a heinous crime”.

The group said, in a statement on Tuesday, that the Israeli raids as part of Israel’s “shameful record of criminality and terrorism,” adding that the Israeli operation “targeted Resistance leaders in Gaza” and killing three Al-Quds Brigades leaders and several civilians, including women and children.

“The Muslim Brotherhood mourns this group of heroic martyrs and asserts its confidence in the valiant Resistance that will not let this treacherous crime pass without a response,” the Jordanian group said in its statement, adding that Israel “understands only the language of force, resistance and jihad.”

“May God protect our people in Palestine, and we ask God for victory and empowerment for the [Resistance’s] heroes.”

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