Israel snipers targeted journalists during Jenin raid – Middle East Monitor

Israeli occupation snipers targeted journalists, paramedics and civilians while  occupation forces raided the city of Jenin and its refugee camp yesterday.

Journalists, who were covering the brutal Israeli incursion, said occupation forces targeted the crews of the London-based Al Arabi TV and Reuters, and a photojournalist from the Wafa news agency.

Arab48 reported that journalist Hazem Imad Nasser was shot several times with live bullets and was left in a moderate to critical condition.

Several journalists recorded the moments when he was under fire. The videos show him running away in an open area while he was wearing his blue flak vest.

The Palestinian Journalists Forum said that targeting Nasser under such conditions “proves that the Israeli occupation forces shoot journalists and media crews intentionally.”

In a statement, the Syndicate of Palestinian Journalists condemned the targeting of journalists and media crews, stressing they were targeted while they were carrying out their job.

Both the Journalist Forum and the Journalists Syndicate called for the International Red Cross to provide protection for Palestinian civilians, journalists, paramedics and aid workers during Israeli raids.

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