Israel war on Al Aqsa Mosque will fail; dividing it is a ‘childish dream’ – Middle East Monitor

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of Islamic Movement in Israel, stressed on Sunday that the Israeli occupation’s war on Al Aqsa Mosque “will fail, and dividing it is a childish dream.”

Speaking to Al Resalah newspaper, Sheikh Salah said: “Like all previous plans aimed at controlling it, plans of the Israeli occupation to take over Bab al Rahma Mosque will never be materialised.”

He called for all the Palestinians to “fulfil” their pledge to protect Al Aqsa Mosque and all of its facilities, as well as to continue visiting it and performing prayers inside it.

Bab al Rahma Mosque has been subject to continuous Israeli attempts to seize it, judaise it and make it the start of judaising the whole area of Al Aqsa Mosque.

It was closed 20 years ago by the Israeli occupation police, but Palestinians reopened it forcefully when the Israeli judaisation plans intensified four years ago.

The Israeli occupation has been preventing any maintenance works in the mosque, which has been in an urgent need for renovation.

Bab al Rahma Mosque and other parts of Al Aqsa Mosque are being targeted by the extremist Jewish groups, including the Temple Mount group which receives full and official support from the extremist Israeli government.

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