Israel’s High Court upholds ban on detained Jordan MP’s lawyer meeting – Middle East Monitor

The Israeli High Court has rejected a petition filed by the lawyer of Jordanian lawmaker, Imad Al-Adwan, who was detained last week at an Israeli border crossing, banning him from legal representation for another three days, his lawyer said.

Jawad Boulos, Al-Adwan’s lawyer, said the Israeli High Court judges said the investigation’s circumstances necessitate banning him from meeting his lawyer, noting that Al-Adwan has not met his lawyer since his arrest on 22 April.

Boulos told Al-Mamlaka news channel that he had informed the judges that meeting his client is a ” fundamental right”, yet they rejected his petition to see his client.

He added that the Israeli Public Prosecution Office will assess Al-Adwan’s situation today and will notify his lawyer whether the ban will be lifted tomorrow or a new order will be issued.

On Sunday, an Israeli court extended Al-Adwan’s detention for eight days.

The Israeli authorities arrested Al-Adwan for allegedly attempting to smuggle weapons and gold. No charges have been brought against him.

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