Mediations underway to contain military tension in Sudan – Middle East Monitor

Different Sudanese political parties and former rebels have been working to contain the ongoing military tension between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the strong paramilitary of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Anadolu News Agency reports.

Forces for Freedom and Change, on Thursday, called on the two sides to slow down, urging them to stop the escalation.

The former rebels, headed by the three sovereign council members Malik Agar, Jibril Ibrahim and Mini Arko Minawi also said they engaged in talks with the leadership of the two sides to stop the escalation.

“We were in intensive contacts with the leadership of the two sides and we got positive response from them regarding the containment of the situation and refrain from escalation and the talks are still ongoing,” the three leaders said in a joint statement, without further details.

However, eyewitnesses in Khartoum told Anadolu that the redeployment of the forces in Khartoum is ongoing, adding that the streets are empty as the people are worried that wide battles may take place.

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SAF has accused the RSF of violating the laws and of the wide redeployment of its forces without coordination with SAF.

“We are ringing the bells that the movement and the redeployment of the RSF in Khartoum and other cities without coordination with the national army is violating the laws and may lead to great security consequences” SAF warned in a statement, Thursday.

However, RSF insisted that all their movements were in harmony and coordination with the military.

“Our redeployment in Merawi city in northern state is part of our job in achieving the security and stability and fighting the human trafficking, illegal migration, drugs smuggling and other transition crimes,” RSF said, adding that its work is in full operation with SAF leadership.

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