‘more rockets’ fired at occupation state ‘in one day than past year,’ says Bennett – Middle East Monitor

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has said that more rockets were fired at the occupation state on Tuesday alone than were fired in the past year when he was in office. He made his comment on Twitter alongside criticism of current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “weak” response to the Palestinian resistance.

“The Netanyahu government ‘contained’ rockets from Lebanon, Syria and Gaza, so it’s no wonder that the enemy continues to fire,” he wrote. “This is not a coincidence.” He pointed out that, as prime minister, he adopted a “strong security policy, while Netanyahu is adopting a weak policy.”

Meanwhile, the Times of Israel reported the Mayor of Sderot, Alon Davidi, as being frustrated with the Netanyahu government over the rocket issue. He accused Israeli leaders of being all talk but letting Gaza’s “terror groups” dictate the security situation in the south.

“Enough with the lip service,” he told Channel 13 news. “There are two terror groups [sic] ruling Gaza. They shoot when they want. We need to assassinate them.”

Although he added that the occupation army should launch a military offensive against Gaza, he said that he trusts the army to do the right thing.

Sderot is built on the ruins of the Palestinian village of Najd. The Palestinian residents were ethnically cleansed by Zionist-Jewish terrorists almost exactly 75 years ago, and their village was destroyed.

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