Palestinians in Lebanon organise Gaza solidarity rallies – Middle East Monitor

Palestinians in Lebanon have organised three gatherings across the country in solidarity with the besieged Gaza Strip, which has been under Israeli attack for five days, Quds Press reported on Friday.

Palestinian factions, youth groups and other organisations called for the organisation of the gatherings in Beirut, refugee camps and the city of Tyre.

Member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, Ali Abu Shahin, addressed the gathering in Beirut: “The Zionist enemy was involved in this aggression and is seeking a free ceasefire. We will not give it a free ceasefire that saves it from its dilemma.”

He also conveyed: “Since 2000, the Israeli occupation has been defeated in every battle it starts with the Palestinians,” pointing out that the Israeli government decided to regain its deterrence through this aggression, “but it failed.”

Speakers at the refugee camps reiterated their support for the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip and condemned the Israeli policy of assassination against Palestinian resistance leaders.

They also stated: “All attempts to partition the Palestinian resistance have failed. The Palestinian resistance will teach the fragmented Israeli government lessons that it will never forget.”

Gaza has now been under Israeli attacks for five consecutive days. The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has shared that 33 Palestinians have been killed and 147 wounded, including women and children.

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