PLO angry with European Palestinians Conference – Middle East Monitor

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) warned Palestinians on Sunday against the participation in the European Palestinians Conference to be held this week in Malmö, Sweden.

This came in an official statement issued by the Secretary of PLO’s Executive Committee, Hussein al Sheikh, who claimed that “the conference aims to undermine the unity of the Palestinian people’s representation through the PLO.”

Al Sheikh reiterated that the PLO “is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people,” claiming that the European Palestinians Conference aim is to divide the Palestinian ranks in the diaspora.

“This is a red line that we will not allow to be crossed,” al Sheikh stressed, warning that any participant in this conference would be subject to the regulations and laws of the PLO, “and will bear the full responsibility for the consequences of their participation.”

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For his part, former Fatah official Helmi al Belbeesi, said: “The PLO is no longer available to serve the Palestinian people. It exists only to make more concessions. It is currently serving the Zionist project which aims to end the issue of Palestine refugees.”

Speaking to Quds Press, Al Belbeesi added: “Anyone seeking to undermine the Palestinian bodies abroad, namely those in Europe, is practically working with the extremist Zionist government.”

He pointed out that the Palestinians in Europe have been meeting for 20 years to discuss their issues through the European Palestinians Conference. “How dare the PLO or anyone prevent them?”

Palestinian journalist and writer Shaker al Johari said: “The PLO no longer means anything to the Palestinians. It only represents fraud, plunder and submission to the Israeli occupation.”

Al Johari stated: “Currently, the PLO has only the support of the enemies of the Palestinians.”

Head of the European Palestinians Conference Amin Abu Rashid has said that the conference will start on 27 May with the attendance of a wide range of parliamentarians, politicians and activists from everywhere in Europe.

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