Quartet meeting discussed Turkish withdrawal from Syria – Middle East Monitor

A Syrian official yesterday told the media that representatives from Syria, Turkiye, Iran and Russia had discussed the Turkish withdrawal from Syria during the meeting held in Moscow.

The foreign ministers and intelligence chiefs of the four countries met in Moscow and discussed the normalisation of ties between Syria and Turkiye.

Turkiye’s Minister of National Defence, Hulusi Akar, had previously said that yesterday’s meeting was to be held as part of “Our aim is to solve the problems through negotiations and bring peace and tranquility to the region as soon as possible.”

He added that Turkiye is determined in the fight against terrorism and aims to ensure Syrians in Turkiye return to their land voluntarily, safely and with dignity.

“We have Syrian brothers and sisters with whom we are together, whether they are in Turkiye or Syria. It is out of the question for us to take any decision that will put them in trouble,” he stressed.

The Syrian official told the pro-government Al-Watan newspaper that “the Turkish withdrawal from the Syrian soil is the first issue to be resolved in the rapprochement talks.”

The official added that normalisation and natural ties between Syria and Turkiye will not be reached without the Turkish withdrawal from Syrian territory, otherwise, there will be no ties.

The Russian Ministry of Defence said all four countries had reaffirmed their “desire to preserve Syria’s territorial integrity.”

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