Re: Israel disappointed over the growing Arab-Iranian cooperation 

It is the real “Birth P*ngs” of the new Middle East. Read:

The ‘Birth P*ngs’ of a New Middle East, Remixed By Pepe Escobar

March 19, 2017 – You all remember former US Secretary of State Condi Rice’s notorious 2006 prediction about “birth p*ngs of a New Middle East.” True to the George “Dubya” Bush/Cheney regime, Condi got it all spectacularly wrong, not only about Lebanon and Israel but also Iraq, Syria and the House of Saud.

The Obama administration duly maintained a tradition that we could, light-heartedly, call The S*x Pistols School of Foreign Policy (“no future for you”). That’s perfectly exemplified by unflappable Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in just a few sentences.
And that leads us to the adults in the room in the Trump era, the ones that are actually monitoring the birth p*ngs of the real new Middle East: Russia.

Let’s start with the recent visit by Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to President Putin.

Bibi hit Moscow infused with biblical wishful thinking, essentially trying to s*duce Putin to d*tch the strategic partnership with Iran – complete with joining the much advertised, US-led from behind “Arab NATO” anti-Iran, anti-Shiite coalition featuring Israel coupled with the GCC petrodollar racket plus minor associates (Jordan and Morocco).

Bibi is desperate because Iran, with facts on the ground (Iranian and Hezbollah fighters) in partnership with Russian facts in the air, is actually winning the Syria proxy war for Damascus. And whatever happens next, post-Astana negotiations, Tehran will keep a permanent foothold in Syria – much to the ballistic outrage of the NATO-GCC-Israel combo.

A parallel implication is that Israel can’t attack southern Lebanon anymore. Last month, in Tehran, I had the confirmation that Hezbollah has now up to 40,000 fighters stationed and/or monitoring a maze of underground installations ready to defend Lebanon from everything; that’s up to ten times more than in 2006, an invasion that resulted in a humili*ting Israeli retreat. …..

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