shooting illegal settlers sends a message to the occupation authorities – Middle East Monitor

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement said on Tuesday that shooting extremist Jewish settlers from the illegal settlement of Eli sends a message to the Israeli occupation authorities. Hamas made the comment even as it mourned the two Palestinians who killed four Israeli settlers and wounded four others before being killed themselves.

Hamas sent several messages in its statement. First and foremost, it reminded Israel that its settlements and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories are illegal under international law.

Moreover, no Israeli crimes will pass without any response. “All of the Palestinian people are ready to take revenge for the actions by the brutal Israeli occupiers.” The shooting of the settlers, the movement pointed out, was a “natural response to the Israeli crimes committed in Jericho.”

In conclusion, Hamas noted that the shooting was “the beginning of a series of resistance attacks against the Israeli occupation if it does not stop its aggression against the Palestinian people, their land and their holy sites.”

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