Strict Israeli siege on Jericho continues for fourth day – Middle East Monitor

Israeli occupation forces are continuing their strict siege on the occupied West Bank city of Jericho for the fourth day, sealing off all main and secondary entrances leading to the city.

Israeli occupation forces, Palestinian security sources said, are preventing Palestinian vehicles and residents from leaving or entering the city. They have also set up flying checkpoints and chased Palestinian vehicles in the southern part of the city.

There have been several cases of detention and field interrogations conducted by the Israeli occupation forces at the flying checkpoints.

Israeli military vehicles are deployed in agricultural lands to the north of Jericho to ambush Palestinian commuters searching for alternative roads to reach their destinations, Wafa news agency reported.

The governor of Jericho yesterday confirmed the death of a Palestinian youth who succumbed to the wounds sustained following Israeli gunfire during a military incursion into Aqbet Jaber,  in the city of Jericho, earlier in the day.

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