Turkiye hosts international sniffer dog competition – Middle East Monitor

A three-day international competition featuring sniffer dogs from several countries is under way in Turkiye’s capital, Ankara, Anadolu News Agency reports.

The event, which began on Tuesday, has 10 dogs from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Uzbekistan and the host, Turkiye.

A specially bred sniffer dog named Nobel is representing Turkiye in the competition.

The event has four stages – Box Search, Vehicle Search, Room Search and Obedience.

The contest is part of Turkiye’s efforts to enhance domestic and international cooperation to combat smuggling, according to Bekir Can Uslu, General Manager of Customs Enforcement at the Trade Ministry.

He said Turkiye has 224 sniffer dogs and 36 puppies, which are trained in various areas including narcotics, explosives, weapons and ammunition, humans, cash and security.

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