UAE defense firm EDGE and Brazilian navy sign anti-ship missiles deal

A defense technology firm from the United Arab Emirates announced a partnership with the Brazilian military on Tuesday, amid the UAE’s improving ties with the BRICS alliance.

Abu Dhabi-based EDGE signed a strategic partnership with the Brazilian navy to develop long-range anti-ship missiles. Per the agreement, the two will co-invest in development, and EDGE will also provide anti-jamming technology. The UAE’s minister of state for international cooperation, Saleh Ahmad Alsuwaidi, participated in the signing ceremony in Brasilia alongside other Emirati and Brazilian officials, EDGE said in a press release

Why it matters: The partnership comes as the UAE’s ties to Brazil are improving. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visited Abu Dhabi in April, where he was received by UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, aka MBZ. The UAE and Brazil signed $2.53 billion in deals on education, the environment, energy and more during the visit.

The UAE has also strengthened its relations with the BRICS alliance, of which Brazil is a part, along with Russia, India, China and South Africa. Earlier this month, Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan attended the BRICS meeting in South Africa and held talks with his Indian, Russian and South African counterparts. In 2021, the UAE became a member of BRICS’s New Development Bank.

The UAE and Brazil have significant trade ties, and Brazil is the UAE’s top trading partner in Latin America. Bilateral trade totaled more than $4 billion in 2022, up 32% from the year prior, according to the official Emirates News Agency.

Know more: Iran is also seeking better ties with BRICS, and applied to join the alliance last year. Iran’s trade with BRICS countries is notably rising.

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