Egypt Writers’ Union warns of Israel crimes against Palestinians – Middle East Monitor

The head of the Egyptian Writers’ Union, Alaa Abdel Hadi, has warned of the repercussions of the Israeli occupation’s violations against the Palestinian people, especially in the city of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank.

In a statement issued yesterday, Abdel Hadi stressed that Israel’s illegal settlements and attempts to falsify geography will not succeed in changing history.

He called on the international community and human rights organisations to address this gross injustice and the shameful crimes committed against the struggling Palestinian people, especially in Jenin, warning that the Israeli occupation army practises all forms of oppression, injustice and murder against unarmed civilians.

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Abdel Hadi stressed the union’s “steadfast position in support of the historical and legitimate rights of the Palestinian people without restriction or condition,” adding that the union is looking forward to stopping this assault that has been shedding blood and terrorising unarmed civilians, including children and women, at a time when the Israeli occupation is “glorifying Israel’s human rights record, as if the blood that was shed in Jenin, is not human blood, and the rights that are being attacked are not human rights.”

At least seven Palestinians have been killed in Jenin over the past couple of days as occupation forces raided the camp on Monday and used an Apache helicopter to strike positions in the first such use of air fire in the occupied West Bank in 20 years.

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