large military operation in West Bank will not succeed, says writer – Middle East Monitor

Israeli writer and author Nadav Shragai has warned that a large-scale military operation in the occupied West Bank will not achieve its goals, reported on Wednesday. According to the London-based website, Shragai said that some balance is needed, but if just one-tenth of the thwarted Palestinian attacks had succeeded, Israel would be facing dozens of deaths.

He pointed out that such a large-scale operation will not have much benefit. Jenin and Nablus, he noted, are the two cities where the Palestinian resistance has increased, and could be dealt with in another way because “Operation Breaking the Wave” is no longer successful there.

The Israeli writer also said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant have to know that an operation in the West Bank will be at the expense of other fronts such as Gaza, Jerusalem and possibly Syria and Lebanon.

He called for more settlement projects in response to the Palestinians and Americans who condemn the settlement plans in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Negev and Al-Jalil. All Israeli settlements, of course, are illegal under international law. It is not just the Palestinians and Americans who condemn them.

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