UN chief slams Israel settler attacks as ‘acts of terrorism’ – Middle East Monitor

The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has condemned the Israeli settlers’ attacks on Palestinian property, describing them as “acts of terrorism”.

In a statement issued by his office, Guterres said the settlers’ terrorist acts included “acts of sabotage and arson of land, property and schools in Palestinian villages around Nablus and Ramallah.”

Guterres also expressed grave concern about the continuing violence and loss of life in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the Israeli army’s operation in Jenin on 19 June, which resulted in “killing seven Palestinians, including two children, both of whom are students in schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).”

He stressed the need to end tensions and prevent further escalation, stressing that “Israel, as the occupying power, must ensure that the civilian population is protected from all acts of violence, that the perpetrators are held accountable, and that it also adheres to its obligations under international humanitarian law.”

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Only a return to a serious political process and an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands can put an end to this devastating cycle of violence and senseless loss of life, he continued.

Israeli settlers have launched a series of attacks on a number of villages and towns in the governorates of Ramallah, Al-Bireh and Nablus, which resulted in the death of a young man, the burning of dozens of homes and vehicles and damage to Palestinian property.

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