US warns Israel escalation in West Bank will harm normalisation efforts – Middle East Monitor

The United States has warned Israel that escalations in the occupied West Bank will harm American efforts to reach more normalisation deals between Israel and Arab countries, Haaretz reported yesterday.

According to the leading Israeli newspaper, the US administration also warned Israel that the continued settlement construction in the occupied West Bank will jeopardise the normalisation efforts.

This came following an Israeli raid in Jenin and Israeli approval of thousands of new settler units in the illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Palestinian Omar Qattin [@ACT4PAL/Twitter]

Palestinian Omar Qattin [@ACT4PAL/Twitter]

Haaretz reported the American official citing Morocco backing down from hosting the Negev Forum security summit over the Israeli escalation in the occupied West Bank.

The US Office of Palestinian Affairs said it was appalled by Israeli settler violence in the occupied West Bank, particularly in the town of Turmus Ayya, calling on Israel to protect the Palestinian civilians.

“We are appalled at ongoing settler attacks in Turmusayya and other villages resulting in a civilian death, injuries and property damage,” it said in a tweet.

“We call for Israeli authorities to immediately stop the violence, protect US and Palestinian civilians, and prosecute those responsible,” it added.

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