Conjoined twins in Turkiye celebrate 5th birthday as medics cheer on – Middle East Monitor

A room at a hospital in the Turkish capital was decorated with balloons and buntings for the 5th birthday celebration of conjoined twins, Derman and Yigit Evrensel, Anadolu Agency reports.

They were separated in January 2020 after three major surgeries performed by a team of 42 medics, including two Turkish doctors, in London. They returned to Turkiye in June the same year.

The twins, who are now getting prepared to start school, are continuing their physical therapy and check-ups at Ankara’s Bilkent City Hospital.

Derman and Yigit blew out the candles on their cake as the parents, doctors and nurses clapped and cheered.

They also unwrapped gifts sent to them by Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and First Lady, Emine Erdogan, who have been following their treatment since the beginning.

“Our twins have turned five. Derman is now at the level of starting pre-school, and Yigit is quickly approaching that stage. We hope to see them even more active, adaptive to life and starting school on their next birthday. We are rapidly preparing our children for this as a team,” said Dr Evren Yasar, Chief Physician of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital.

Yasar said they are in constant contact with Paediatric Neurosurgeon, Dr. Owase Jeelani, who performed the twins’ surgery in the UK.

Jeelani has expressed his desire to open a similar rehabilitation centre at the Bilkent City Hospital and he is being provided support in this regard, said Yasar.

“Considering the process they have been through, their development is progressing rapidly. Our strong team and the support of our family have made this process much easier. It is extraordinary for twins who have undergone such serious and complex surgeries to reach this level in such a short time,” the doctor added.

The children were seen wearing specially designed helmets to protect their skull.

Omer Evrensel, the twins’ father, thanked President Erdogan for supporting the treatment.

“I would like to thank our President and First Lady, Emine Erdogan, for not leaving us alone during this process. With the support of our doctors, our children’s treatment is ongoing, and everything is getting better. Hopefully, they will be fine,” said Evrensel.

“We hope that they will begin their schooling in the near future, as well,” he added.

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