Jenin girl dies of wounds after Israeli military offensive  – Middle East Monitor

A Palestinian girl who received a serious head wound during the Israeli army offensive in Jenin on Monday died this morning. Sadeel Ghassan Turkman was just 15 years old. The Palestinian Ministry of Health pointed out that she was the seventh Palestinian to be killed by the Israeli occupation troops in Jenin this week alone.

Following the Israeli withdrawal from Jenin, the ministry announced that five Palestinians were killed and 91 were wounded during the assault, 23 of whom were in a critical condition. Yesterday, the ministry said that 55-year-old Nasser Saleh Sinan, who was wounded in the head by Israeli army gunfire, died in hospital.

Ministry of Health officials pointed out that 174 Palestinians have been killed by Israel in the occupied territories since the start of the year. That’s an average of just over one person killed every day since 1 January.

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